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GPC Europe is distributor of following brands:


SMA Zeversolar inverters Enphase micro-inverters SolarEdge
Huawei inverters Omnik Panasonic solar modules Bisol solar modules
LG solar modules Bauer Vikramsolar solar modules Trina solar
Schletter Flatfix ClickFit Evo Teconex

Huawei inverters


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GPC Europe is an importer and wholesaler specialized in
solar modules, inverters, mountingsystems and lighting worldwide active in Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, ... Africa and Asia.

GPC Europe is distributor of following brands:
  • Solar modules: Panasonic, Bisol, LG, Bauer,
       Vikram solar, Trina Solar
  • Inverters: SMA, Zeversolar, SolarEdge, Omnik, Huawei
  • Micro-inverters: Enphase
  • Mounting material: Schletter, FlatFix Fusion, ClickFit EVO
  • Accessories: Carlo Gavazzi, Teconex, Conexbox
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