Overzichtskaart ge´nstalleerde zonne-energie capaciteit per land tussen 1992 en 2015

Map of cumulative installed solar power capacity per country between 1992 and 2015

© Greenbyte AB

Swedish company Greenbyte AB, maker of wind and solar asset management software Breeze and Bright, has released an interactive map showing the cumulative installed solar power capacity per country, continent and the world between 1992 and 2015 (www.greenbyte.com/resources/evolution-of-solar-power). The area of each circle on the map corresponds to its respective capacity. Only countries with more than 25 MW of solar power capacity installed as of the end of 2015 are presented on the map. According to the company, the map will be updated shortly with the numbers for 2016.
The »Evolution of Solar Power« is the result of a cooperation between Greenbyte and Solar Power Europe.