Panasonic modules solaires

The Panasonic photovoltaic modules, all of the type HIT®, unlinke conventional solar cells, convert a higher percentage of the sunlight into electrical energy, in other words: the conversion efficiency is higher. The reason is that HIT® cells consist of a combination of monocrystalline and amophous silicon layers. As a result, fewer electrons are lost on the silicon layers during energy production. That makes Panasonic solar modules more efficient.

Thanks to its high temperature stability and good temperature coefficient, Panasonic modules of the type HIT® perform very well, even at higher temperatures.
Because of the HIT® cells, the Panasonic modules perform also perfectly in diffuse light conditions.

Panasonic has 100% control over their own production with self-designed production plants (from Ingot> Wafer> Cell> Module)


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