Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger Solar modules - 100% Made in Germany

Meyer Burger leads the global photovoltaic industry into a new era

Meyer Burger combines innovative cutting-edge technology with tradition and courage to create unique photovoltaic systems and production facilities

Meyer Burger has been the technological backbone of the industry for almost 70 years, setting standards - from diamond wire saws and industrial PERC solutions to precision measuring technology for solar panels. The vast majority of solar panels produced worldwide today are based on technologies developed by Meyer Burger

Now Meyer Burger is taking the next step and has reinvented their business model: As a manufacturer of high-quality photovoltaic cells and modules, they are using the heterojunction/SmartWire technology they have developed to lead photovoltaics worldwide into a new era. In terms of energy yield and efficiency, Meyer Burger defines new standards and combines them with first-class design

Their lead stimulates them to innovate every day. Innovations that go beyond their materials and craftsmanship and ensure that their product pays off. For everyone. For a bright future!

The best. From here. For tomorrow.