Enphase - All-in-One Home Energy Solutions

The Enphase Micro-Inverter is another approach to solar energy. Solar energy systems are traditionally designed with a central inverter. This means that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of solar panels are connected with 1 inverter. Enphase Micro-Inverters replace the string inverters when installing one with each module. This leads to significant revenue improvement.

Enphase, market leader in Micro-Inverters, also offers stand-alone battery solutions. The modular Enphase batteries are an all-in-one storage system that can be seamlessly connected to Enphase Micro-inverters and as a retrofit to existing PV installations

Maximum revenue

Thanks to the Enphase micro-inverter each PV Panel has its own MPP tracker. This ensures the ideal relationship between current and voltage and therefore guarantees a maximum revenue. ecause the MPP-tracking now happens per module, the revenue of the complete photovoltaic installation is being optimized. For example, in installations with inconvenient shadow there can be generated up to 25% more revenue.

Comparison with classic string inverter

Enphase Energy micro-inverter

Classic string inverter



Enphase energieproductie

klassieke energieproductie
  • All modules work independently
  • Resilient to environmental factors
  • Increase in energy production to 25% (in shadow)
  • One single module affects the entire system
  • Sensitive to shadow


  • Standard 20 year product warranty
  • Fully protected against weather conditions, without moving parts
  • A faulty inverter is limited to 1 module and does not affect your full installation
  • Automatic detection and reporting of problems
  • Standard 5 to 10 year product warranty
  • Sensitive to mechanical wear and tear
  • One faulty inverter affects the entire system
  • Limited detection and reporting of problems

Quick installation

  • Flexible positioning and dimensioning of the modules
  • All cabling is 100% AC
  • Inverters are installed directly under or close to the modules
  • Limited by the structure and dimensioning of the DC-strings
  • Inverter is not in the immediate proximity of the modules


  • The cables are always under low voltage
  • No danger of flame arc on DC
  • Only DC voltage of 1 module in the absence of the net
  • Working at high voltages
  • Fire hazard by flame arc on DC
  • DC voltage of the full string present in the absence of the net