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GPC Europe

Grid Parity Concepts Europe bvba, in brief GPC Europe, is a Belgian wholesaler in Solar and Storage Solutions.

In the necessary transition to green energy, GPC Europe aims to make renewable energy solutions accessible to all, thus contributing to the sustainability of our society. We do this by offering a complete range of high quality photovoltaic, solar energy products (solar modules, solar inverters, mounting materials, accessories and battery systems) to technical companies and installers. This way we want to be the reference wholesaler in Solar and Storage Solutions in the (Belgian) market.

Since 2005, GPC Europe provides engineering firms and installers with a complete range of high-quality photovoltaic products. Our vision is to make green energy solutions accessible to everyone in order to help reduce CO2 emissions.

We also strive for a sustainable relationship with both our customers and suppliers. This is reflected in a stable customer portfolio and a range of top products. We are therefore the suitable intermediary between our customers and the manufacturer.
GPC Europe fulfils its role as a strong player in both the local and European markets.
We supply our customers:

✔   A complete product range
✔   Large stock
✔   High-quality products
✔   Strong logistics
✔   User-friendly web shop for professionals:

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